Certificates for Personality Profiling

1.  Comprehensive Certificate in Handwriting Analysis (Personality Profiling) (4 modules & internship/research paper)

2. Certificate in Handwriting Analysis for Human Resource Selection (3 modules & internship or research paper)

3.  Certificate in Handwriting Analysis for Criminal Profiling (3 modules & internship or research paper)

4.  Certificate in Handwriting Analysis for Career Guidance (3 modules & internship or research paper)

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Please note: the training is different for Forensic Handwriting Examination

Certificate in Forensic Handwriting Examination

Module one - Characteristics of Handwriting

Module two - Principles, Techniques and Methodologies

Module three - Court preparation and Expert Testimony

Module one covers features of handwriting. Many areas of forensic document analysis include determining the authorship of a document, historical dating, typewriting analysis, analysing documents to identify criminal intent, paper and ink analysis to determine date and types of paper, ink, water-marks, copy machines, printer cartridges etc., determining forgeries, i.e. alterations, erasures and other changes, forensic stylistics where the examiner assess linguistic style, grammar and word choices to determine authorship, and finally, computer crime investigation. Please note that this module focuses on the analysis of handwriting and printed documents only.

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