Students who have completed the four modules for the Comprehensive Certificate in Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling, are required to complete an internship to prove that they are competent to conduct a professional handwriting analysis.

Fundamentals of Handwriting Analysis is the first module of a series of 4 modules in handwriting analysis using the Gestalt approach and will introduce you to basic technical aspects of handwriting analysis, including, baseline, margins, spacing, pressure, size, slant, diacritics (‘t’s’ & ‘i’s), capitals, signature, connections, connectedness, zones.

This module does not qualify you to practise as a professional handwriting analyst.

Advanced Handwriting Analysis is the second of 4 modules to qualify as a professional handwriting analyst. It builds on the basic handwriting analysis skills acquired in Fundamental Handwriting Analysis and adds further more advanced technical skills.

In this, the third of a series of four modules, handwriting analysis is used to determine a variety of physical and psychological aspects of the personality.

Applied Handwriting Analysis the 4th module takes the student through the various applications for Handwriting Analysis for Personality Profiling, including, Recruitment & Selection, Career coaching, child guidance, Business & Personal Relationship Compatibility and Whole Personality Assessment